Thymeshift - Dark Lights

  • Break the silence
  • Dark Lights
    Amsler, Björklund, Gunillasson, Backman
  • Youth Country
  • Quiet Music for Large Ensemble 4
  • Östbjörka Dub
  • Average Speed
  • Minst
  • Khroma
    Björklund, Gunillasson
  • Displacements
    Amsler, Björklund, Gunillasson, Backman
  • Quiet Music for Large Ensemble 3
  • Moonday
  • Soft Transition Into Dark Lights
    Amsler, Björklund, Gunillasson

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Dark Lights IGCD 251
Thymeshift CD
2021-03-05 ---

Thymeshift is an impro/jazz/rock/electronic oriented musical collective founded in 2010 by Swedish musicians Johan Björklund, Thomas Gunillasson and Thomas Backman. Around them, different guests have gathered for projects of various kinds through the years. In 2015 the band released their debut album (Beyond Horizons) with Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson. In 2015 they also formed the project The Sonic E with DJ Jonas Färnlöf. The project resulted in an album release 2017 (Dope Regards). In 2020 the band has been working as an extended unit with several other musicians forming a mini Big Band called Thymeshift United. An album release is planned in the fall of 2021 (Music Outside Boxes). Besides recording, the band has of course made countless of live performances in every project constellation. Live performance/interaction is the core of all the Thymeshift projects!

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