Per Ödberg Trio - Perception

  • Waltz A Nova
    Bengt Hallberg
  • Perception
    Per Ödberg
  • Ride
    Per Ödberg
  • Lucia
    Per Ödberg
  • Street Light
    Per Ödberg
  • Tväredet
    Per Ödberg
  • It Will Be Allright
    Per Ödberg
  • Silhouette
    Lars Gullin
Perception IGCD 201
Per Ödberg Trio CD
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The trio is mostly are playing music written by Per. The music can be described as a mixture of modern Scandinavian and American jazz. The main focus of the music is strong melodies and the interaction between the musicians. Per Ödberg Trio has been around since 2007 but with a lot of different personal in the rhythm section.
The trio:
Per Ödberg - guitar
Magnus Gran - drums
Peter Jansson - bass
The band leader Per Ödberg has earlier worked with great musicians as Robert Nordmark, Thomas Gustafsson, Dan Johansson, Peter Dahlgren, Thomas Markusson and Hannah Svensson to mention a few. Last year he released an album with his quartet and got good reviews in the Swedish newsletters.

“It is a perfect and well-balanced mix of the great masters, such as John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Bireli Lagrene.ö / Barents Sea Jazz Festival 2009/ Barent’s Jazz 2009
“So delicious harmonies, so rhythmically skilled, so incredibly responsive. This is a guy who will swing into the Swedish jazz elite!ö /Norra Skåne 2010ö
öA young guitar player shouldn’t be allowed to be this good! His great playing, composing and arrangements of jazz standards makes you want to fall of your chair.ö /NSD 2013

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