Emma Larsson - Let it go

  • Busy Being Blue
    P. Paakki, E. Larsson
  • Jealous Fever
    E. Larsson
  • Let It Go
    E. Larsson
  • Overtime
    E. Larsson
  • In Two Minds
    E. Larsson, A. Hidman
  • As The Sun Interrupted The Moon
    E. Larsson
  • Afro Blue
    M. Santamaria, O. Brown Jr
  • … Like A Sweet Refrain
    E. Larsson
  • Irie Butterflies
    E. Larsson

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Let it go IGCD 163
Emma Larsson CD
2010-03-25 ---

Emma Larsson is a jazz singer and composer with clear, original ideas and vision. She attracts listeners with her warm, rich voice and singing from her heart. Inspired by instrumental jazz she creates her music as a symbiosis between the music and the lyrics.

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