Lasse Lindgren - Spirits

  • Birdland
    Joe Zawinul
  • Airegin
    Sonny Rollins
  • Gonna' fly now
    Bill Conti
  • Maria
    Leonard Bernstein
  • The fox hunt
    Mike Abene
  • Sisi MF
    Don Rader
  • New bag blues
    Mike Abene
  • Left bank express
    Pete Jackson
  • I can't get started with you
    G & I Gershwin
  • The serpent
    Keith Mansfield
  • I got the spirit/Blue Birdland
    Slide Hamton/Jimmy Giuffre

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Spirits IGCD 154
Lasse Lindgren CD
2008-04-15 ---

When Maynard passed away, the Swedish radio asked me to say something about him, directly, live in a broadcast. I was standing in Norwegian river fishing for Salmon when they called me. I wanted to say something about his wonderful trumpet sound, the joy of music, the spirit and soul that he inspired other musicians and listener with. He was not only a high not specialist, he was a fantastic Jazz Artist with a very strong personality in his sound, on stage and in his Spirit. I wanted to pay a tribute to him.
I called my dear friend Ernie Garside, who immediately shouted “Yes! I’ll come over and produce your next CD. Think about it," he said. “I already have," was my reply, “let’s do it."
Here is the result. We have tried to do this music in somehow our own way, but in the SPIRIT of Maynard Ferguson.
We hope you enjoy it. Lasse Lindgren

Lasse Lindgren Big Constellation i Linköping
Musik blir inte bättre än så här!
Oj oj oj, kan det svänga mer sanslöst än så här?
… underbart att bli så rejält överkörd.
Förutom läckra arrangemang och en precision på lasernivå serverades flera fantastiska solister ur orkestern
Vilken förmån att få lyssna – musik blir inte bättre än så här!

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