Neighbours - Neighbours live at Gosta's

  • Winter Funk
    Fredrik Davidsson
  • Food's Ready
    Fredrik Davidsson
  • Intro/Party Blues
    Fredrik Davidsson
  • Sleep Flock
    Fredrik Davidsson
  • Kickoff
    Fredrik Johansson
  • TwoTwo
    Fredrik Davidsson
  • 1961
    Fredrik Davidsson

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Neighbours live at Gosta's IGCD 106
Neighbours CD
2003-06-27 ---

Combining different styles of music lies in our concept of saving the world with music. The spirits of rhythm and blues, jazz, soul and folk music came in from the sea that summer night at Gösta's in Steninge just outside Halmstad. We would very much like to thank our guests that night: Per ruskträsk andf Tomas P for the way they treat our music and take it to a higher ground. Dear listener, we will continue this mission. As a starter we give you this music, hoping that you will share this night with us. Thank you for listening. NB

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