New Tango Orquesta - Part II

  • Part I
    Per Störby
  • Mission
    Per Störby
  • Avantgardia
    Per Störby
  • Bewitched
    Per Störby
  • Fugato
    Per Störby
  • Estación
    Per Störby
  • Gravitation
    Per Störby
  • Part III
    Per Störby

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Part II IGCD 085
New Tango Orquesta CD
2000-11-01 59 SEK Buy at

With their new CD "Part II", which was recorded in the studios of the Swedish Radio, they are taking the tango one step further bringing it into the future. With their unique music and sound they have produced an album filled with energy. This is tango containing fugues, improvisations and rockriffs. This is magic and passion in the middle of chaos and calm. This is the new tango for the 21st century!

Per Störby - bandoneon
Christian Kullberg - bass
Livet Nord - violin
Peter Grahn - guitar
Thomas Gustavsson - piano

öNot much new tango is new anymore. It´s a long time ago since Astor Piazzolla provoked so many of his compratiots by renewing the loved tango, transformed it into concert music from being dance music. Today there is not much newly written music in the genre anymore. So much more remarkable that the group from Göteborg, New Tango Orquesta is one of them doing it. And how they do it!
I can hardly think of a more elegant, juicy and more passionate way to bring the new tango into the new millenium. Their second CD is filled with the soulful compositions of Per Störby and of exquisite treatment of every instrument – bandoneon, dublebass, guitar, violin and piano. These five are moving very freely beyond outworned gestures; they dance tightly, weave a fugue, jazz with rock attitude, squeeze happiness and sadness out of their instruments. The power and presence in the performance is like a really good live recording. When Livet Nord´s violin dances slowly together with Per Störbys
bandoneon in Estación, I am totally affected by it. I think, the world is waiting for New Tango Orquesta.ö

Ulf Johansson, GP (Sweden)

öThe ghost of Astor Piazolla hovers inches above the heads of the New Tango Orquesta. While there's nothing in the moody pieces gracing Part II (Imogena import) to identify the quintet as Swedish, the Swedes' love of tango is well known. And the project offers the level of instrumental virtuosity spoiled listeners take for granted in Scandinavian releases. The complex songs bristle with pent-up emotion, flirt with discord, and tie themselves in orchestrated knots as tight as J. S. Bach's noose. The material is as far from tango music's back alley origin's as Piazolla's Argentinean birthplace is from Stockholm,
and it's a tribute to ensemble leader Per Störby that his compositions are squarely in the master's style. His bandoneon sighs heavily as Peter Gran's electric guitar skitters around the edges to allow him ample room to share with pianist Thomas Gustavsson's chord clusters. Meanwhile, Livet Nord's violin adds just enough sweetness to taunt the pallet. Sure, it isn't party music, though "Mission" intersperses the forced hilarity of many an awkward social encounter, and it feeds the mind if not the feet.ö

Bob Tarte, The Beat (USA)

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