Bohuslän Big Band - Faces

  • Faces Part I
    Niclas Rydh
  • Faces Part Ii
    Niclas Rydh
  • Faces Part Iii
    Niclas Rydh
  • No Time To Waste
    Christer Olofsson
  • Goblin Market
    Michael Karlsson
  • Sophisticated Lady Part I
    D. Ellington
  • Sophisticated Lady Part II
    D. Ellington
  • Inner Thoughts ( …Of The Lady)
    Johan Borgström
  • Sophisticated Lady Part III
    D. Ellington
  • Colours Of Hemiola
    Michael Karlsson
  • What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
    M. Legrand

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Faces IGCD 084
Bohuslän Big Band CD
2000-11-01 Play Buy at

Lennart Grahn (trumpet, flute), Mårten Lundgren (trumpet, flh), Staffan Svensson (trumpet, flh), Hildegunn Öiseth (trumpet, flh), Jan Eliasson (trumpet, flh), Bengt Åke Andersson (trombone), Christer Olofsson (trombone), Ralph Soovik (trombone), Niclas Rydh (bass tuba, tuba), Niklas Robertsson (alto sax, cl, bcl, fl), Johan Borgström (alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, clarinette),
Ove Ingemarsson (tenor sax, EWI, cello , flute), Michael Karlsson (tenor sax, flute, cello), Jan Forslund (bayton sax, cello, flute),

Tommy Kotter (piano, keyboard), Yasuhito Mori (bass), Göran Kroon (dums, percussion), Ebba Westerberg (percussion), Lina Nyberg vocals on track 7.

“Well, the Bohuslän Big Band has done it again! This CD Features some of the fine writers from the band as well as 1st class playing all around. The material is qiute varied and interesting, going to some different places. I particularly like the orchestrations, which never assault the listener, and are consistantly full of surprises. I plan to listen to this CD several times, and I suggest you do the same.ö
Bob Mintzer

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