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Tapto IGCD 079
Magnus Nyström Trio CD
1999-11-01 ---

The Magnus Nyström band plays a smart ensemble, where they often, all five of them, weave their melodies round each other in a large variegated and unconventional ornamented pastry-cake. This doesn’t prevent from giving space for the saxophones to float freely over the rhythm section. In a free sense they mix travelling memories from round the world, such as march rhythms and Hawaiian ‘swing’. Nyström’s guitar changes from well-kept chamber jazz to broken, humorously muddled rock’n roll riffs. Nobody gest stuck in long improvisations.

Magnus Nyström - guitar
Johannes Lundberg - bass
Göran Kroon - drums
Joakim Rolandsson - alto sax
Björn Almgren - tenor sax, soprano sax

"A feeling of melancholy that is shown in other expressions than the bluesy blue."

"My head is filled with pictures. Magnus Nyström has done it again ­ a work of art!"

"It is plyful, unpredictable and innovating. When you manage to focus, woops, it jumps to a quite different place. It is a funny, adventurous and engaging music."

"Often it is an open question where you are going. The loose structure in the compositions presents many roads to follow."

"When you listen to the band you better quit catagories. A gloriuos music excursion with many unexpected appearances."

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