Lars Jansson - Hope

  • How Deep Is The Ocean
    Irving Berlin
  • The Tree
    Lars Jansson
  • Hope
    Lars Jansson
  • Live, Be Where You Are
    Lars Jansson
  • Why Was I Left Under The Sky
    Lars Jansson
  • Living Under The Road To Paradise
    Lars Jansson
  • Summer Rain
    Lars Jansson
  • A Little Blues For You
    Lars Jansson
  • A Blissful Smile
    Lars Jansson
  • In Peaceful Sleep
    Lars Jansson

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Hope IGCD 078
Lars Jansson CD
1999-11-01 59 SEK Buy at

The trio at its best. Once again Lars Jansson has composed some lovely tunes to be executed by his trio. The music is lyrical and contemplative and adhere to a European and Swedish tradition, which also includes the Swedish Bobo Stenson Trio and the English John Taylor.

Lars Jansson - piano
Anders Kjellberg - drums
Lars Danielsson - bass

"Lyrical, melodious and creating piano jazz on a high international level, … an impressing ensemble all through the album. It is another splendidly good jazz album by Lars Jansson Trio, piano jazz at its best."

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