Winduo - Duo

  • Opening
    Anders Hagberg/Yasuhito Mori
  • Tutu
    M. Miller
  • Beatrice
    S. Rivers
  • Ali Khan
    Anders Hagberg
  • Momo
    Yasuhito Mori
  • Blues For Al
    Yasuhito Mori
  • Skogen
    Anders Hagberg/Yasuhito Mori
  • Toka Voka Oka Boka
    Lars Gullin
  • Mangetsu
    Yasuhito Mori
  • Waltz For Vana
    Yasuhito Mori
  • Tilo Akandita Brikama
    Pierre Dörge
  • Drops & Rhythm
    Anders Hagberg
  • Small Talk
    Anders Hagberg
  • Silhuette
    Lars Gullin
  • Duo
    Anders Hagberg
  • Akatombo
    K. Yamada

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Duo IGCD 077
Winduo CD
1999-08-01 59 SEK Buy at

On this new CD Duo we have caught the tight ensemble playing in a live like recording. Most tunes were recorded in a studio session, after a tour in September 1998. The Japanese composer Kousaku Yamada is often played by Winduo, here they play Akamoto. Some Scandinavian composers as Lars Gullin and the Danish guitarist Pierre Dörge are represented. The CD also contains some free improvisations.

Yasuhito Mori - bass
Anders Hagberg - flutes, soprano sax.

"The music is relaxed without loosing intensity and the jazz foundation is spiced with beautiful folk musical tone."

"The soft sound of Hagberg's flutes and soprano sax is weaved together with Mori's bass lines in their own and other's compostions."

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