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  • Newsic Music Ii
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Positivoli
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Tretton
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Ballroom Intruder
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Newsic Music Ii
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Grace
    The Elephant / Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Calvary Clowns
    Patrik Ehrnborg
  • Estradorkesterns Lilla Final
    Patrik Ehrnborg

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Newsic Music IGCD 038
Calvero CD
1994-10-01 ---

Compositions and arrangements by Patrik Ehrnborg. This is music you’ve never heard before although, you feel at home in almost everything. But just as you feel safe, the music sweeps your feet away and fools you with something new. The music is sad and mellow with its head bent, and it has humour; German cabaret from the thirties and suddenly aggressive New York City from the nineties. Charlie Chaplin would have been happy.

Patrik Ernborg - guitar
Karin Johansson - synth
Lars Larsson - clarinett, sax
Johan Borgström tenor sax, flute
Stefan Sporsén - trumpet
Staffan Svensson - trumpet
Daniel Bruno - trombone
Fredrik Bergman - tuba
Göran Kroon - percussion
Johannes Lundberg - bass
Per Ekblad - drums

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