John Venkiah

"John Venkiah is one of the most talented jazz musicians I have come across during my time at the Malmö Academy of Music" - Jan Lundgren, renown swedish jazz pianist
John Venkiah is an active jazz pianist resident in Malmö, Sweden. Together with bassist Simon Petersson and drummer Kristoffer Rostedt, John Venkiah will, in the autumn of 2013, record the trio's debut-album due for release in 2014.
"John Venkiah Trio is young swedish jazz at its best, they are gruesomely good" - Atti Soenarso, Chief in editor, Meetings International Magazine
The group formed in the autumn of 2010 in Malmö, Sweden, when these unique musicians quickly found their interplay and passion in playing. They have since then played on various scenes both as a trio and accompanying different soloists.
JVT began playing jazz standards in their own, modern yet traditional interpretations. After a short while the trio went over to playing Venkiah's originals, which in turn characterize the group's sound with both nordic melancholia and playfulness. The groups sound is unique wherein the members tackle the music with great response.

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