Carnegie Jazz Band

Carnegie was formed in 1961 and quickly became popular with the school dance audience and on the jazz clubs in Gothenburg. Soon the interest for the band spread to Denmark where they toured some during the 60's. Carnegie was one of the house bands at the Creole Jazz Club and in the 70's the band became an important part of the jazz club Happy Jazz - Volrat Tham. During these years the band was given unique opportunities to meet and play with many of the great personalities of the classic jazz, then still active and touring all around the world. For example Albert Nicholas, George Lewis, Wingy Manone, Jimmy McPartland, Turk Murphy, Ruby Braff, Bud Freeman and not to mention Wild Bill Davison, who has been a guest in the band frequently since the 70's. In august 1994 Monty Sunshine toured with Carnegie for the fourth year in a row. That co-operation has led to great moments, for example during the Jazz Festival in Gothenburg.

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Music in the air
As time goes by
Let's do it
Hot Time
Walking With The King

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